Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of our frequently asked questions: Where can I get your products? Our products are available through many outlets around the globe. Please contact us here or call us at 1.800.356.9660 to find a location near you. How much does it cost? We offer a wide variety of products for specific applications and budgets. Pricing for our products can be obtained from your local dealer. Can I order on line? Permaloc does not offer online ordering; however, many of our distributors do. What is the best product to use for what I'm trying to do? Each application is different and has its own set of challenges. The best place to start is to search our application database which has a very large list of applications that are common in the industry. If you can't find your application or something very close to it, contact a Permaloc product specialist at 1.800.356.9660. How do you determine how many feet of edging you need? A measuring wheel is the quickest and easiest way to measure for how much edging you will need. If you don't have access to a measuring wheel, you can always use a rope or a hose that you know the length of. Lay out the design of the bedding area, and lay the rope or hose along the projected bedding area and count the number of lengths you need. For example: if you have a 25' hose and laid out a design that takes 3 lengths of your hose to reach the end, you are looking for approximately 75' total for your project. How do you install the edging? Please visit our installation instructions page for the product that you are interested in. How do I install edging if my ground is hilly? Permaloc manufactures a patented accessory called the Grade Change Connector. This item allows you to adjust the edging to run up a change in grade of any angle. Then simply place another Grade Change Connector to level the edging back out. What's the best way to cut aluminum edging? We recommend cutting the material with a hacksaw. How do you form 90 degree corners with Permaloc's flat landscape edging? 90 degree corners can be formed by cutting the material from the bottom about half way through. Next, take a board or a brick and place it along your cut, lift the free end of the material towards the brick or board helping form your 90 degree corner. Cutting the material from the bottom keeps the top bead of the product solid and safe. Will my mower or trimmer damage the edging? When installed according to our recommended installation instructions, the edging will be lower than your mower blade, keeping it safe from mower damage. This also allows the mower to mow directly over the edging, eliminating the need to use the power trimmer along the edging. However, the edging will hold up to routine maintenance without suffering damage. Will it come out of the ground? Our edging is manufactured to resist frost heave. Our unique extrusion accompanied by our 12” barbed stakes also help keep the edging in the ground. Will it come apart like plastic edging? Permaloc edging systems contain engineered connection systems. These specialized connections will not come apart in the ground like connections used in most plastic edging. The durability of the aluminum product also keeps it from becoming brittle or damaged due to weather or other outside forces. Will it rust like steel edging? Aluminum metal has very different properties than steel. It will not rust, rot, or break down in any way. Does the product come in rolls? No. The product is shipped flat in corrogate boxes. What lengths of the edging are available? Our landscape edgings are available in lengths of 4', 8’ or 16’. Our L-shaped hardscape and green build restraints are available in 8’ lengths only. Are stakes included with the edging? Yes. Each 4' piece of landscape edging includes 2 stakes, each 8’ piece includes 3 stakes, and each 16’ piece includes 5 stakes. Anchoring options for brick and pavement restraints are sold separately. Can I purchase extra stakes? With 4’ & 8’ there are no extra stake pockets available, but with 16’ there is an opportunity to purchase 3 additional stakes. An In-Line Stake Adapter can also be added to accept additional stakes. How long are the stakes? Our standard stakes for aluminum edging are 12” tall. However, we do manufacture 18” and 24” stakes for special applications. Profile comes with 6” stakes. Why is it painted? Permaloc offers a variety of painted colors to match the aestetics of different installations. We use an electrostatically applied, baked on paint process known as Duraflex. This is a flexible paint that will not flake or chip. How small of a circle can be made with the edging? One piece of material will make the following circles: 8’ Material = 7’ 4” Circumference / 2’ 4” Diameter / 1’ 2” Radius 16’ Material = 15’ 4” Circumference / 4’ 11” Diameter / 2’ 6” Radius If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1.800.356.9660 or live chat now.