Permaloc Aluminum Edging - End Stake Adaptor


Edging Accessories For Easier Installation

Permaloc offers a variety of accessory products to make the installation of our products easier. These accessories include:

  • A patented Adjustable Grade Change Connector for running our flat edging up and down hills or other grade changes
  • Adaptors for adding additional stakes
  • Stakes in various lengths
  • Steel Spikes
  • Corners sections
  • And more
Permaloc Aluminum Edging End Stake Adaptor
Grade Change Connector
4" Adjustable Grade Change Connector Easily forms landscape edging along grade changes. Rotates a full 360 degrees and easily slides onto the ends of edging sections to provide hinge points wherever necessary.
Stake Adaptor / End Splice
4" Stake Adapter Designed to provide an extra stake loop at, or near, the end of a section of edging. May also be used as a splice to connect edging sections.
Spiral Steel Spikes
Steel Spikes Spiral Spike. Flat head, diamond point and spiral shank with a bright finish. Smooth Spike. Flat countersunk head, diamond point and round, smooth shank with a bright finish.