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BrickBlock Installation Instructions

BrickBlock Brick Paver Restraint EdgingINSTALLATION

  1. Remove excess soils and all unstable subbase materials. Compact subgrade to 95% proctor density test.
  2. Backfill excavated area with appropriate depth aggregate material. The base needs to be compacted in 2” - 3” lifts to achieve proper density. The base needs to extend 6” to 12” beyond the edge of the paver installation.
  3. Screed concrete sand over the base to a uniform thickness of not less than 1” and not more than 1-1/4”.
  4. Install Permaloc BrickBlock with the base resting on the aggregate and facing away from the paver. (Diagram A.)
  5. Connections to be made using the Quick Clip connectors. (Diagram B)
    Install the pavers making sure that the pavers are 1/4" higher than the desired final grade. Sweep fine sand into the joints.
  6. Make several passes with a plate compactor with no less than 3,000-5,000 lbs. centrifugal compaction force and operates at 80 to 90 hertz. Continue sweeping sand into the joints. Make several passes alternating the direction of the compactor each time.
  7. Remove excess sand from paver installation.

NOTE: When installing Aluminum edging in direct contact with ACQ treated lumber we recommend installing a barrier material such as Grace Vycor® Deck Protector™.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1.800.356.9660 or email us.

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